Appliances are one of the most important pieces of your kitchen. The kitchen’s primary function is to prepare and cook meals requiring the use of several appliances: refrigerators, ovens, stovetops, ventilation systems, microwaves, and dishwashers. Southern Colorado Kitchens™ has many brands of kitchen appliances to choose from. Ideally, you should choose your kitchen layout first, then choose appliances that fit. It’s easy to make appliance decisions based primarily on looks, but take some time to review reliability, standard warranties, and appliance-specific details such as refrigerator capacity, number of range burners, and ease of use.


Since the refrigerator is constantly operating and keeping your food fresh, choosing the right refrigerator is critical and should be centered on the size of your family and how often you eat at home. This will determine the size capacity you need to best fit your family.

Oven and Cooktops

The next appliance to consider is an oven and cooktop, and this decision will be based on your cooking style. There are several options in cooktops: induction, gas or electric. Most beginning cooks prefer electric cooktops for its slow heat up, while experienced cooks prefer induction or gas stoves for fast heat up and precise cooking. Cooktops with a smooth surface and touchpad and are the easiest to clean. Depending on the size of your stove, you may select a higher ventilation system. Your personal design consultant can help you determine what type of system is recommended for your kitchen.


Choosing the right dishwasher for your new kitchen will depend on the features you want and the overall look of your kitchen. Noise, speed, and efficiency are three important considerations when selecting a dishwasher.

Other Appliances

Other convenient appliances to consider adding are a warming drawer and a microwave. A warming drawer allows you to prepare food in advance and serve it all at the same time. Microwaves also provide convenience while cooking food. They consume a lot of space whether it be on the counter, or built above a cook top so that needs to be considered in the overall kitchen design.

Remember, the Southern Colorado Kitchens™ remodeling team has valuable insight into the right appliances for your kitchen renovation. You can count on them to help make these important decisions for your kitchen renovation.